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What if it all goes wrong?

We are all living in a period where to make ends meet we use credit cards. None of us ever mean to get into trouble. Don’t you find Banks are always ready to lend you money when times are going well, BUT when your circumstances change, being made redundant, lose of a major contract, major customer goes bankrupt.


We at MH Associates are here for you in the bad times as well as the good. Many of my colleagues will not want to know you because of danger of fees not being paid. We will try and help and advise you on the way forward.

First, please speak to us as early as possible. There are many ways of getting help. Speaking to us can often take some of the worry off your shoulders and help you to sleep at night. We have professional relationships with people who can help you or assist you.

Do not leave it too late Mike from Plymouth came to see us when HMRC had started bankruptcy proceedings for £25650.00 supposedly owed. But Mike had not submitted Tax Returns for 8 years. We contacted HMRC, got the proceedings suspended, agreed to get all the missing returns submitted and this reduced the debt to £150.00!

“I was delighted with all the effort that Malcolm put in on my behalf. I knew I didn’t owe much tax which is why I never bothered to send in my Tax returns. I just ignored the tax offices letters. My mates told me about Malcolm of MH Associates. They (HMRC) did not want to know but Malcolm kept on and on at them and he stopped them making me bankrupt! I never believed that I would keep my properties but he was brilliant. I recommend Malcolm to all my friends now.”

Many new clients have not submitted Tax returns for 5, 6 or more years. Many ignore HMRC letters.

Do not be an Ostrich, pick up the phone and dial 01752 680041 and get advice now

DO NOT use any Debt Management company that promises you the earth , if it seems too good to be true, it is! Nor any debt management company that charges a monthly fee. We recommend Consumer Credit Counselling Service for credit card and other personal debt. (see links page)